A Quick Look at Sauna Heater Options

March 19, 2023

If you are looking to build a sauna, more than any other feature, you simply must pay attention to the heater. In fact, when you think about it, if you do not have a heater, all your sauna really is, is just a room lined with wood!

There are four basic types of heaters for your sauna, in a wide variety of price ranges, depending upon your exact needs. You may want to go to a sauna supply store to see all the various types first hand; hopefully this article will give you some basic information so you will be able to make a wise decision.

The four basic types of Sauna heaters are:

o Wood Burning

o Gas

o Electric

o Infrared

Let’s take each one and talk about its pros and cons.

Wood burning heaters were used in the original saunas built in Finland and are still a popular choice for traditionalists. They are especially nice if you have an outdoor, or detached, sauna. They do require a good deal of upkeep, making sure the flue is not blocked and of course, wood must be cut or bought for the heater to burn. One large disadvantage (and the primary reason they are seldom used anymore) is the lack of temperature wood heaters regulation. In other words, you cannot just set it at 180 degrees and forget it.

Gas burning sauna heaters utilize either natural gas or propane gas. The benefits of natural gas are that it is much cheaper than electricity to use as a heat source unfortunately natural gas is not available in all areas. Propane gas is a good alternative to natural gas one of the things that make propane a good alternative is that it is portable you do not have to run the electrical line to the sauna.

Electric stoves began to be popular in the 1950’s and are today the standard sauna heater. They are easy to regulate, cheap to operate and very efficient. They have timers, thermostats and a host of features.

The latest technology is what is known as infrared sauna heater, also called a far infrared. This type of heater actually warms you directly, with minimal impact on the air in the room. This type of sauna heater use his radiant heat much like the sun, many people feel it is much more comfortable. Fans of this technology also claim that infrared sauna heaters have special health benefits.

What sort of heater you will buy is the single most important decision th

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