Choosing the Best Antique Coffee Grinder

August 17, 2022

Antique coffee grinders are manually handled units that make use of propeller blades to grind coffee beans. It plays a big role in making aromatic and fine grinds of coffee grounds. They are very helpful to those who love preparing coffee at home.

The lovely designs of these grinders are irresistible. There are models that can be used on the countertop or mounted on walls. The two types add a classy look in the kitchen.

Many prefer traditional models, having a wooden construction with handles and metal designs. The most preferred are burr grinders because it is capable of crushing the beans with less burning. A small drawer for catching grinds makes it more convenient.

Traditional antique coffee grinders can be left unpainted amidst its delicate details on their handles. Most antique coffee grinders are made from cast iron and placed on kitchen countertops. The Parker Nation grinder is one of its manufacturers since 1905, offering bronze features of traditional coffee mills.

Another most desired antique coffee grinder design is the German or French variety. It is also known as wall mounted or porcelain-faced grinders. It has a porcelain finish with a scene of man and woman praying in a field, making it a rare find.

There are different versions that became all-time favorites. Early American wall mounted grinders are made from cast iron, having original catch-ups. Some wall mounted varieties include a glass hopper above the grinder. Arcade models have a clear glass canister while the Queen models have rectangular jars with embossed writings. Other variations include the Bell and Telephone Mill.

Antique burr grinders can crush coffee beans to a more even size. Grind settings can create an almost perfect grind. It can be used in any type of coffee brewing session because of its accuracy. A number of grinders may not achieve the same quality ground as burr grinders, especially in making Turkish or French press coffees. It is better to pay additional attention on the settings when it comes to grinding large beans.

Antique blade grinders use a single blade that rotates at a very high speed. Chopping can be controlled on the length of its spin. It is better to set a fast mode on a longer run to achieve a perfect grind. This grinder is suitable for making drift coffee.

Bodum products are one of the best coffee grinders. They mixer grinder  have grinders with impressive timeless and classic designs. Two popular bestseller antique coffee grinders are the Bodum C-Mill Grinder and the Bodum Antigua Grinder.

Most antique coffee grinders are found at gift and antique shops, and also with most coffee grinder collectors. Grinders found at gift shops are easily available and sold in a less expensive package. They are usually sold in garage sales, estate sales and public auctions.

Finding an antique coffee grinder would entail checking on the price. Some people are paying high in order to have the rarest collectible pieces. The popular Enterprise 12 brand can be bought for $5,000. Enterprise 9 is over $1,750. Small ones are sold at fairly reasonable prices.

No matter how expensive these antique coffee grinders can get, nothing beats the fine grind it makes. These grinders are sold expensively for a perfectly good reason. It can make lasting flavorful coffee grounds.


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