Don’t Buy a Softball Bat Til You Read This Best Softball Bats Review

March 27, 2023

Are you tired of the other team constantly hitting the softball farther than you? Have you ever wondered how there skinny 9 hitter is hitting the ball farther than you could ever dream? If so I’ll let you in on a secret. It all comes down to the bat. If the other team is consistently beating you deep it means they have the best softball bats. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to get that $100 Easton on the rack at Sports Authority again? Or are you going to invest in the best softball bats. Here is another secret you can’t get good softball bats at sporting goods store. The best softball bats are not at Dicks, Modells, or Sports Authority. They are in specialized stores or online. If your still not convinced you need one of the best bats I’ll break it down for you.

$200+ Dollar Bats Have LARGER SWEET SPOTS– This is why it sounds different when the other team hits the ball. Your bat has the sweet spot the size of a peanut while their bats have a sweet spot the size of the entire barrel. That means 토토사이트 the other team can miss hit a ball and still send it 300 plus feet.

$100 Bats Have No Longevity– Every bat has a life span. They each have a certain number of hits before it dies. Your sporting goods store bat won’t last the whole season. That is why it is a good idea for your team to have a number of bats. If you have 10 guys that all use the same bat, that bat won’t last long. So if there is a bat you like, pick up 2 of them. If you spend a little bit more you can get a better bat and that bat will have a longer life.

Bats With Pop Allow You To Stretch The Field– When you have a bat that you can hit bombs with it allows you to push the outfielders back. When you do this this allows cheap singles on bloops. Once your team starts dropping those in you can have innings that last an hour. You can’t achieve this with a sub par softball bat.

Another thing to note is ASA Approved bats. Most summer leagues run through a rec department go by ASA rules. The ASA has banned certain bats that hit the ball back faster than 98 MPH. So make sure you get a legal softball bats. Don’t waste 300 dollars on a bat and find out in your first game that it is not one of the legal softball bats. Also make sure the ump checks the other teams bats to make sure they are all legal softball bats. It can be very dangerous for your pitcher.

Below we have a review of the best softball bats. All these bats are legal bats. We also have places where you can purchase these legal softball bats online. So do yourself a favor and pick up one if not two of our top picks. Your team will thank you for it.

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