DVD Kiosk Trend Versus DVD Rental Store Versus Online Movie Downloads – Who Wins?

May 11, 2023

If you have been intrigued by the sudden appearance of multiple DVD kiosk brands across the US and Europe, and are considering either supplementing your current vending machine business, or are considering adding DVD rental kiosks as an additional source of income to your existing store, then in this article, we will compare three main DVD movie delivery methods in the today’s economy. We will compare and contrast the classic Video store rental, the Online movie delivery and the upcoming DVD rental kiosks. The first two have been around for a long time while the DVD kiosk is a newcomer to the game. How is DVD kiosk popularity likely to fare over the next decade?

DVD kiosk versus DVD store movie rental

The question of DVD vending machine versus DVD store movie rental is not difficult at all. The emergence of DVD vending machine franchises was apparently pretty much the last nail in the coffin of the video store rental business model. The recent bankruptcy of Blockbuster and its reorganization that includes a large network of US DVD vending machine locations testifies to that. While a video rental store can possibly still hold a larger ดูหนังออนไลน์ variety of DVD and Blu Ray disks, its overhead in terms of monthly rent, and personnel costs, is simply overwhelming enough to put the video rental store business model at a severe disadvantage as compared to the DVD vending machine business.

DVD kiosk versus online movie downloads

Internet or online movie downloads seem like the most efficient and simple way of video delivery. Imagine just visiting the online site, selecting the best movie, and streaming it straight to your high definition TV or the projector in your media room! Well, while this may work for some, it may just not work for most people at this time. First, there is a question of bandwidth. DVD movies take quite some time to buffer up, and most people have better things to do than wait for a movie to start playing. Remember, the movie watching is supposed to be entertaining, and not a geeky lesson in computers and networks. Another issue working against online downloads of large videos is that most people at this time clearly have no idea how to connect their computer to their TV. And even if they do, again, managing two complex devices such as today’s computers and today’s HDTV’s is no walk in the park. It is so much easier just to pop the DVD or the Blu Ray disk into the tray and press the PLAY button! So, for now, in terms of simplicity, fun, and speed, the DVD kiosk version of movie delivery wins, at least for most people.

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